Compact Hybrid Or Roomy Big Engine

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There is a lot to compromise and consider when buying a hybrid car. A hybrid can cost $2,000 to $10,000 more than a comparable conventional vehicle. It is well known that to help with this initial cost, and to encourage people to buy hybrids, the Government offers incentives and tax breaks. There are standards for which hybrid cars have to qualify just for you to get a tax deduction including averaging at least 45 miles per gallon and complying with higher emission standards. If you are concerned about these costs and getting a tax break you really do have to look into this. Not all hybrid auto’s meet these standards and the tax break vary’s from state to sate.

Preliminary research has shown that hybrid drivers make fewer insurance claims. That is being reflected in insurance premiums .A quick phone call to your insurance agency can inform you about these costs.

On another note,Consumer advocate testing has shown that hybrid savings in fuel economy usually fails to offset the extra purchase price. Isn’t that the number one reason why most people want to buy a hybrid.

Having a quiet engine is a cool feature, until someone walks behind you as your backing because they can’t hear your engine running. Currently hybrids don’t come with alot options. Regular options are popular and expected,like lighted vanity mirrors,more trunk space,power windows and rear window wipers.

Manufacturers, like Toyota, Honda and Ford, must feel confident about their cars because they offer up to 8 and 10 year warranties on hybrid-specific components.

Facts to consider are that green cars use more energy to produce, are harder to dispose of, their fuel economy claims have been doubted and the higher costs of buying and maintaining one are real.

Automobile sales dictate that we like our high powered cars with lots of options. Hybrids have a futuristic look and appear to be small. Hybrid sales indicate that we are not ready to give in to high gas prices and compromise to the smaller,less powerful green cars.

Everyone likes the idea of hybrid cars,taking care of the environment and saving money. Todays Hybrid cars don’t seem to fit that scenario. Today’s drivers are not all that excited about making the many compromises to drive a hybrid automobile.

Can You Use a Green Energy Source like Water to Power a Car?

7978895897 b7f223eebf Can You Use a Green Energy Source like Water to Power a Car?
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For more than a century, we rely on oil to fuel our cars. But did you know that the world’s oil is close to drying up because it is a nonrenewable resource? Well that may not happen tomorrow or next year but we are getting closer because of the demand in the world market. Why wait for that day when we can rely on a green energy source like water to power our cars.

Water can power a car? If you think that’s impossible, well it is already here but this is not yet being made on a commercial scale.

The German automobile BMW has produced the world’s first ever hydrogen powered car. While only 100 of these units were produced, you can already imagine if more of these vehicles are on the road.

The initial model namely the BMW Hydrogen 7 uses the body of the 760i model. Once you pop the hood, you will notice that the engine is different since it uses gas and hydrogen.

This just means we have not yet totally abandoned are dependence on gas. Given more time and money, the current 4.7 miles per gallon it can travel using water alone could hit double digits in the future.

The biggest challenge to using water as a green energy source as opposed to oil in vehicles is the engine. While there are cars around like the Prius which runs on electricity and gas thanks to fuel cell technology, the hydrogen combustion is less than 10 years old so you could say we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

To prevent the water from evaporating, this has to be stored in a large, 30-gallon, bi-layered and highly insulated tank so this does not evaporate into compressed gas. Another safety mechanism is the valves which are designed to open should the pressure within the tank exceed 5 bars.

With the success of the BMW H7, the company came out with a new car that is also partly powered by water known as the H2R. While we cannot yet put our garden hose into the fuselage to fill it up, this vehicle uses liquid nitrogen as a fuel.

Tests on this vehicle have shown it can achieve 285hp and reach a top cruising speed of 185.5 miles per hour. It can also accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour under 6 seconds.

But why use water? It is because hydrogen combustion is clean so it does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere unlike cars that run on petrol or diesel that emit carbon monoxide. Studies have shown that it also weighs less than hydrocarbon-based fuels and burns faster than conventional gasoline.

So when can you expect to buy a car that uses water as a green energy source? Hopefully in the next 10 to 20 years. It is really up to the automakers because all we can do is wait until a better and clear car hits the dealership.

Right now, the best option we have are electric cars. Since its introduction in 1999, more people are using it because they don’t want to spend anymore for gasoline that could hit an all time high of more than $110 per barrel.

If water as a green energy source can be used to power a car, why don’t we do the same for solar power which has been around much longer?

Why Plug-in Hybrid Cars May Not Be As Green As You Think

8445719684 76321e46fe Why Plug in Hybrid Cars May Not Be As Green As You Think
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If you think that you will be making a difference in the environment by purchasing a plug-in hybrid car, you may want to give your purchase a bit more thought. Plug-in hybrids do help with the environment, but just because they don’t depend on fuel as much as regular hybrid cars do, doesn’t mean they are extremely beneficial to the environment. Actually, for many reasons, plug-in hybrid cars are not much better than regular hybrid cars when it comes to the green house effect and the ozone layer.

The reason why plug-in hybrid cars are not much better than the environment has to do with the type of power they use. The electricity that hybrid cars run off of usually comes from coal-fired plants. Therefore, a plug-in hybrid car would only be a little bit better for the environment than a regular hybrid car.

Still, some people believe that this isn’t true. Plug-in hybrid cars are better for the environment than regular hybrid cars, they insist. This is because some people believe that hands down electric power is much cleaner than fuel power. People who insist plug-in hybrid cars are better for the environment also say that plug-in hybrid cars don’t really need a lot of electricity to power them. They recharge their own batteries. So they don’t have to be dependent on other sources of power. The electric sockets are used merely to top off those batteries.

These people point out that it’s also not that you must plug it in, but that you can plug it in, and that makes a huge difference. If you can plug it in, you don’t have to use electricity that comes from coal-fired plants.

But people who say that plug-in hybrids aren’t that good for the environment might say that sure, you don’t have to plug it in, but if you don’t, you are just depending on gasoline. Then, there’s no point of even having the debate about plug-in hybrid cars. And hey, if we are going to go back to using gasoline, how about we just scrap the idea of plug-in hybrid cars in general?

The point is this: These kinds of hybrid cars can be worthwhile to own, but don’t think these hybrid cars will be the answer to all of your problems. If you are a tree lover, maybe stick to finding out a way to decrease the use of aerosol sprays and cigarette smoke. But when it comes to hybrid cars. You might be doing about the same for the environment if you bought either a regular hybrid car or a plug-in hybrid car. But either way, you are doing better than you would be if you bought a conventional car.

Plug-in hybrid cars are great hybrid cars to own and they are easy to love, but you might not want to make your expectations too high or you may end up disappointed. But in any case, make no mistake; a plug-hybrid car will be one of the best hybrid cars to buy when it comes out.

The Saturn Hybrid And Other Green Cars: An Review Of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

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Hybrid cars or the hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are the best solution for the growing fuel shortage problems that we have these days. Most car makers today have resorted to the design and production of hybrid cars in answer to the growing fuel crisis. And because of the ingenuity of the inventions, they are rapidly gaining popularity in the market. Terms such as “Saturn hybrid” and “Toyota hybrid cars” are now becoming ingrained in the lingo of auto enthusiasts.

The Government Supports Hybrid Use

The government for a number of good reasons is supporting hybrid cars. These cars are environmentally-friendly because they emit lesser pollutants. It has been noted that some hybrid cars lower pollution rates by up to 90% as compared to conventional cars.

Another good reason is that they are a wise solution to the growing fuel shortage. They economize fuel consumption, making them double efficient for what they usually provide. This is because most of the kinetic power that was wasted in the traditional fully internal combustion engine is now being converted into useful energy.

Because of these good features, the government offers tax incentives for buying hybrid cars.

Efficient, Low Maintenance and Fuel-Efficient

Hybrid cars need not to be plugged into an electrical outlet when charging the electric motor. They make use of a process called regenerative braking. While the vehicle is running with the use of the internal combustion engine, the electric motor is being charged. In driving situations where internal combustion engines are less efficient (as in slow city driving), the electric motor will take over with minimal intervention from the driver.

Initially, purchasing a hybrid is not easy on the pocket because hybrid car prices are higher than ordinary car prices. But in the long run, they prove to be more economical and they offer more benefits than the traditional cars.

In addition, hybrid cars have lower depreciation rates than traditional cars. Also, unlike traditional cars that run on internal combustion engine, they require lesser maintenance thus greatly reducing cost and trouble of having to owning a vehicle.

Hybrid Models and Car Makers

Aside from sedans, there are also available models of hybrid pickup trucks and hybrid minivans. Not only this, hybrid power technology in the area of public transportation is gaining rapid popularity and it is expected to be available soon in many areas of the transport industry.

Car makers have been competing to offer the market the best of hybrid cars. There are many beautiful models to choose from. The buyer may find it hard to make a decision given the stylish designs, performance and price of the various models. Consumers have a wide selection from low-end to high-end cars; they offer benefits that are worth their price.

Toyota Hybrid Cars

There is a long line of Toyota hybrid cars but car reviews have shown that the Toyota Prius is the undisputed favorite. This hybrid car from Toyota is a real looker. In addition, it has the most efficient miles-per-gallon report.

Honda Hybrid Cars

Honda hybrid cars also compete strongly in design and efficiency. The Honda Civic hybrid is the closest in comparison to the most priced Toyota Prius.

Ford Hybrid Cars

Ford hybrid cars offer their well-regarded Escape model. It has a very sleek design and competitive miles-per-gallon efficiency. The interior of the car employs modern designs. It is very efficient to use. In addition to the existing line of Ford hybrid cars, they are about to launch the model that will compete with Toyota’s Prius model.

Saturn Hybrid Cars

“Go green without going broke” is the slogan being touted by the Saturn hybrids. In support of this slogan, they offer good hybrids at lower cost. Their use of “mild hybrid” technology means that they can offer some of the benefits of hybrids without having to increase their selling price all that much.

Convertible Hybrids

While hybrid cars have been widely popular for quite a long time now, hybrid convertibles are on their baby stage as yet. There are not that many models to choose from in the market. Many car enthusiasts have been waiting for the arrival of this type of vehicle on the scene. There is a model launched in the market by Saab.

Whatever model a consumer may choose, green-technology cars such as the Saturn hybrid are better in many ways than the traditional gasoline-guzzling cars. In times when fuel shortage and pollution of the environment are recognized as two of the foremost public issues, the use of this new technology promises to bring a positive contribution.

How Business Vehicle Tracking Can Help Fleets Be Used Much More Efficiently

lorry How Business Vehicle Tracking Can Help Fleets Be Used Much More Efficiently

When you have vehicles as part of your logistics in a business, it is very important that you make full use of them, so that costs can be kept under control. This requires that they have no idle time, use travel times effectively and have the least turnaround times. All this requires that the vehicles be constantly tracked. This is where the use of devices for business vehicle tracking systems enables controllers and administrators to have the necessary information always at their fingertips so that vehicles are used efficiently.

Tracking devices are installed in vehicles that enable information about the position of the vehicle to be available at their control points on a real time basis. Software installed at these control stations will have maps that will display the location of the tracked vehicle at all times. It is possible in many systems to relay traffic information so that routes can be planned to the destinations, so that there are no holdups. It can also be of great help to customer service departments, as customers can be given up to the minute information on delivery of material. In a way this also helps turnaround times, as the receiving parties can then keep their own receiving locations, equipment and staff ready, without having to wait. This allows unloading or loading operations to be completed quicker. The result is very satisfied customers, which can only be good for business.

A business vehicle tracking system can also become a very efficient administrative control for fleet managers. They can monitor speed of vehicles, driving behaviour, unnecessary stoppages and other things that affect utilization of vehicles. Routes can be planned in advance so that fuel efficiency is high. The software on most of these systems allows reports to be prepared on vehicle movement and usage, which can be very useful to supervisory staff, and those who need to plan logistics.

Most business vehicle tracking systems rely on the internet, but can use software that is available online or one that is locally installed. Both systems will need internet connectivity, but locally installed software can be tailor made to the requirements of a business, so that it takes in all its particular details and helps in proper fleet management. It helps to reduce unauthorized movement of vehicles and this can help to reduce incidences of theft. The installation of these systems also enables fleet owners to obtain discounts on vehicle insurance.

Gearing Up Your Car Today

10593314813 a19a3317d7 Gearing Up Your Car Today
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Wouldn’t it be nice to be justly rewarded to be green conscious? Well, in this latest move by the B.C. government which offers to as much as $2,000 on fuel efficient hybrid cars, people are getting a feel of just how it is to make that shift to these hybrid and fuel efficient cars.

True enough, such a rewarding option has also helped car manufacturers like Toyota to benefit from this new development. One of the top model hybrid cars of this Japan-based car manufacturing, the Prius, has been the prime target of consumers for their transportation needs today. And mind you, the Prius does not come cheap. One unit alone costs $32,000, not a cheap price to pay for hybrid cars offered for a greener outlook in the world today.

Incentives are known to be good rewards that can entice a market and make them fully aware of the actual intent of governments; that of which is to feel how it is to be rewarded by being green.

In a move to help promote the shift from gas to electricity as their main source of power, various groups have experimented and come up with an electricity reliant car to reduce the gas emissions that have been key contributors to overall pollution and impending global warming.

While the big car manufacturers have not yet gone on the aggressive development for these alternative cars, a lot of the old cars that are mostly left to rot or be junked have been the guinea pigs for this alternative source of energy and fuel. Some may question the reliability of such conversions but it is best to get in depth to see how car engines can be transformed into this green movement as far as vehicles are concerned.

Whether you prefer a Toyota, a Honda or even the high-end luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, green standard compliant cars would normally have less impact on any potential buyer. Reason for such is usually due to the fact that they are too bent on checking out the features such as power features and of course bonuses installed if and when they purchase cars.

In these cases, green standards are usually taking a backseat. Pollution control due to greenhouse gas emissions are almost a given when you purchase a new car. Maintenance is another thing but if you are buying a new car, chances are, these issues will only set in after 5 years and up.

Just think of it. Why would anyone buy a car that would be a smoke-belching vehicle. It is like buying a second-hand car for nothing special.

Most of us really want to live luxuriously and comfortably. Consumers dream of having their own means of transportation and while cars are within their reach, there is another issue that needs to be addressed…pollution and greenhouse gases.

The air we breathe right now is contaminated. We can smell it and that awkward and different smell is the participation of pollution in the usually clean air we breathe. While people are more concerned of living better lives with good transportation, their health may be in jeopardy.

The increase in the number of motor vehicles, industrial and commercial activities, coupled with the rise in construction work in and around the city, is translating into a lot of air and noise pollution for the residents.

Almost every part of the city suffers on account of air and noise pollution, much of it caused by automobiles. The city’s ambient air quality on several parameters leaves much to be desired, with the levels of pollution above the permissible limits.

Selling a Car Online Is Very Easy and Convenient

In times gone by, when you wanted to sell a car in Camberley, you had to approach dealers of used cars, place an ad in print, or advertise in other ways. Going through dealers was easy, but the chances are that you would get a lesser price, because the dealer had to have his commissions. Placing an ad in print or other ways, reached very few people and you had to be constantly available to answer queries and accept offers.

This has all been simplified, through the use of the internet. It is very easy to go about selling a car online, while maintaining complete control over the process. There are a number of online websites that allow you to advertise your car for sale. You need to take photographs of your car and post them on these websites with other relevant details.

m3 commercials car park 300x184 Selling a Car Online Is Very Easy and ConvenientYou will be required to mention the year of purchase of your car, the usage you have put it through, the availability of all documents needed, the price you want and whether you are prepared to negotiate. You will convince buyers of your genuineness if you are clear about any defects that your car has. Mention any special features of your car, like additional fittings, which can be an attraction. When selling a car online, make sure that all the information you give is verifiable when an interested customer does see your car. Give contact details and times to talk, so that customers can discuss matters. It makes sense to receive interested queries over email, and leave you the option of getting in touch with interested parties. This way, only people who find your price of interest as well as the make and model of your car, will contact you.

Selling a car online is a much smoother affair than getting in touch with dealers and dealing with placing of ads in print media. It is something that you can easily do from home, office or wherever you are able to log in to the internet. The greatest advantage you have is that you reach a much wider audience and the actual advertisement will probably not cost you anything.

Green Valley Car Auction, A Great Event In Arizona

The Green Valley car auctions features a great selection of luxury or economic cars, at incredible prices.
Monthly, more than thousand cars become government property through foreclosure laws. Because there are so many cars in this situation, their storage costs are huge; the conclusion is that the cars must be sold really cheap and fast.

Everybody can take advantage of these excellent cars; the database is full of many different records about almost new cars. It is simple to choose from all models and colors. Green valley car action rely on combined inventories of many major evens; there are no sale reports, the auction is working live online and the calendar of events is available on the Green Valley car auction site. Wide vehicle search can be conducted for car on their location and main characteristics, such as model, age, history and condition.

About Green Valley car auctions
It is simple to participate in bidding on any vehicle presented at Green Valley car auction, online, viewing live video from the auction. It is possible to purchase the vehicles from the auction inventory; a market report is available to find the historical sales data, the car’s characteristics.

The status of all the customers’ biddings is easy to follow: lost, won or current. Facilities, people, services are available to meet the customers’ needs. The facilities are specially designed to provide sellers and buyers the best auction conditions. Green Valley car auction is based on the commitment, determination and honesty of the entire staff, combined with high quality products and services.

High quality cars, unparalleled customer service and a successful management team are making every auction a real success, for buyers and sellers. Green Valley car auction, one of the worlds’s well known car auctions, become a lifestyle destination. The action is also a show on cable TV; all the cars are hand picked and there is no reserve price. These facts prove the seller confidence in the Green Valley car auction firm. Only most exclusive cars are available at auction. There also special events, and other activities during the auction. The auction feature more than 1000 collector cars from all years, many people are expected to attend in 2007.

The event always raises millions for children and other charities. Green Valley cars auction attracts many international visitors, too. Instead of giving a car quote, Green Valley car auctions set up a auction asking dealers or buyers to bid for the car price. Reverse auto auction is giving spectacular results for both, buyer or sellers. This method helps online buyers to find their dream car sooner than they expected. Some advantages of reverse car auction are the prompt customer service, free email alerts, free search by model, color, fuel type or other characteristics. Individual car sellers or car dealers can participate without fearing. State of the art websites are offering useful information for real time buyers for any car model.